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The Value Of Consistent IT QBR Meetings

The IT Quarterly Business Review (QBR) helps you position technology to support your internal processes now, as well as meet tomorrow’s organizational objectives. 

Let’s look at Archie’s App World, a business designed to create and buy apps. Run by Archie himself, Archie’s App World is full of top-notch tech professionals. 

But even techies need a helping hand when it comes to managed IT services. That’s why Archie works with an external IT team and takes advantage of every IT QBR on the calendar. 

Archie’s App World does a wonderful job when it comes to adopting technologies and working with its IT provider to build out agile IT roadmaps. An openness to technological innovation and quarterly IT reviews allows Archie’s App World and its managed IT service provider to:

  • Review real-time data and analytics 
  • Strategize next-step actions 
  • Predict outcomes more accurately 

Let’s walk through the IT QBR and see how Archie uses these quarterly meetings to get the most out of his outsourced IT team. 

But first, what is a QBR?

A QBR is a quarterly touchpoint for a business to get together with its client or customer. During these meetings, a business will typically review the impact their product or service had on their customer’s business. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discuss a customer’s future goals and how they can work together to achieve those goals. 

What to expect

Sure, Archie loves building and buying apps. But when it comes to protected IT services? It’s not exactly his passion. 

Using a managed IT service provider allows Archie to focus on what he does best. And by utilizing quarterly reviews with his IT service provider, he can feel confident about the steps they take to protect his company. 

At the most basic level, this is what Archie can expect when he meets with his provider each quarter:

  • Review of implementation or product usage goals 
  • Review of performance over the past fiscal period and quantifying the value-driven
  • Discussion of strategic obstacles and challenges
  • Planning for future actions or growth 
  • Preview of upcoming product improvements 


What are the benefits? 

For Archie, the most important benefit of a QBR is ensuring that both parties are aligned when it comes to upcoming goals for Archie’s App World. Walking through these goals allows Archie’s IT provider to draft a plan of action on how they will assist in achieving these goals. And, as an app designer, Archie is all about the small details!

Archie considers himself a pretty calculated guy. He’s never going to spend money on something without understanding the full value of that product or service. So when he does meet with his IT provider each quarter, they always make sure to recap exactly how much value Archie’s App World receives from their services.

Lastly, Archie loves the relationship-building aspect of these meetings. He may spend his days buried in his tech work, but that doesn’t mean he’s not up for a tasty dinner with clients to end a day of meetings!


Why meet for an IT QBR? 

Executive IT consultants act as Archie’s vCIO, meeting with him to better understand Archie’s App World, its objectives, and next action steps. Because almost everything Archie does to grow his business is tied to the capabilities and cost of technology, the IT QBR is an essential quarterly meeting. 

Archie views his managed IT service provider as more than his IT support team. They provide Archie with the technology side of business consulting, so he can take Archie’s App World to the next level without IT roadblocks or speed bumps. In other words, they’re more like a business partner; getting on the same page as Archie and tackling the same goals. 

An IT QBR is essential for the following: 

  • Positioning your technology to support your objectives 
  • Reviewing the ROI of your IT support and cybersecurity expenditures
  • Determining what IT resources you will need for your next growth stages
  • Looking at technologies to increase productivity and efficiency 
  • Determining IT budgeting priorities 
  • Discussing work-from-anywhere and business continuity contingencies
  • Exploring new technologies that could put you ahead of your competitors


It’s worth making time for an IT QBR 

The ongoing realignment of your technology to your quarterly objectives and long-term strategy is critical to the pursuit of those goals. 

Keep yourself on target with a regularly-scheduled IT QBR — and, like Archie, watch your business thrive!