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Remote Workforce Cyber Security

Over the past year and a half, businesses and employees across the globe have grown accustomed to remote work. And even now, with loosened health restrictions, it seems that, for many, this new (remote) normal is here to stay.

So, what does that mean for your technology environment? And how can you feel confident that your employees have access to the right tools and support to be productive no matter where they’re located?

As an IT managed service provider, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have about remote work, including the following:
● What to do when multiple employees at different locations have technical issues
● How to secure employees who are handling financial data from home
● How to avoid risks to your business overall

Multiple Technology Environments

When your team works in different locations, you can have as many sites to manage as you have people — rather than a single office to connect and support.

Without professional assistance, managing support across multiple locations can be a difficult and daunting task. However, with a managed IT service provider, you’ll be on track to operating smoothly and successfully, no matter your employees’ physical locations.

A managed IT service provider will offer continuous equipment monitoring backed with expert support to help keep your team connected and productive.

Different Devices and Connections

With employees working from different locations, you’ll end up with a team with a wide range of devices, internet services and speeds, and many more.

Acting as your technical liaison, a top service provider will ensure that your employees have access to continuous connectivity and dependable support. IT support companies also keep your team ready and able to pivot fast if challenges should arise.

Online Collaboration

Although your team may be spread out across multiple locations, it’s still crucial to the success of your business that they’re fully capable of interacting and working alongside each other.

To encourage cross-location collaboration, distributed teams will require devices and software that make it easy to share and collaborate — and fit the needs of your business.

Different Kinds of Risks a Managed Service Provider Can Mitigate

Protecting and securing remote workers’ devices and data often requires different technologies than your traditional office setup.

IT support companies will offer enhanced protection so you can feel confident that internal information is secure. From security solutions that defend against attacks at each location to backups that guard against data loss, there are several ways to protect the information your remote employees are working with.

Contact Metis Technology to learn more about what we do as a managed service provider, and how we can help keep your network secure.