Healthcare is Changing: Is Your Technology Keeping Pace?

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IT Health care

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is undergoing dramatic change. Healthcare reform — and more specifically, the Affordable Care Act — continues to reshape the industry, impacting everything from reimbursement models to patient access.

Whether your organization is small or large, IT systems must be fast, scalable, reliable, and secure.

In other words, efficiently managed IT is a must.

How does your organization benefit from an IT services provider?

In the complex digital age, healthcare providers should consider options that maximize their IT operations while simultaneously enhancing patient care quality. A managed IT services provider is also essential in reducing overall costs for your organization — a trend that benefits both small and large companies.

To dive deeper, let’s look at the top 5 reasons healthcare providers are engaging a managed IT services provider.

  1. The perfect blend of services
    A top-quality MSP will offer the perfect blend of security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. With this approach, your selected MSP can maintain IT services and operations, regardless of the scale of budget available.
  1. Cost efficiencies and reduced TCO
    In the past, your organization may have relied on a fully in-house IT operations team. However, the cost savings associated with using an outsourced MSP can be substantial. Contracting a fully virtual information security office (VISO) can cost much less than the prices associated with an in-house team (i.e., full-time employee salaries, benefits, cybersecurity-specific training, and additional technology and software costs).
  1. Proactive security & compliance
    As someone in the healthcare industry, you understand the importance of proactivity. Staying ahead of your physical health can make a significant difference in the quality of your life. In the IT industry, we like to follow a similar model. Proactive solutions for your IT security are what keep systems stable and running smoothly. With proactive monitoring, Metis Technology can ensure the success of your systems and prevent any issues before they become emergencies. A proactive IT solution is both cost-effective and imperative to the health of your organization. Frequent health checks and monitoring will keep your systems up and running so you can focus your efforts on the growth of your organization.
  1. A tailor-fit IT team
    Increased adoption of managed IT services is the direct result of a shortage of healthcare IT professionals with relevant experience. An effective MSP should act as an extension of your IT team, with the expertise to keep systems running at peak performance. Managed IT services allow organizations to offload routine IT tasks and ensure they get the maximum value from their investment in their own IT team. With an MSP, IT resources can stay focused on next-generation solutions and automation to enhance the quality of patient care.
  1. New technologies & cloud migration
    Knowing they are moving to a more secure solution, migrating to the cloud and/or managed IT services gives peace of mind to an organization. More and more, hospital leaders recognize they can’t keep up with the costs to maintain their own IT and Information Security departments. This motivation to move to managed IT operations often opens the door to new innovations. And MSPs provide cloud transformation and migration services to determine a strategic, cost-effective, and secure roadmap to cloud migration.

Wrap up

Migrating to an MSP can be the turning point for your organization — especially considering the dramatic changes the healthcare industry is experiencing.

A managed IT service provider not only offers peace of mind with more advanced security and proactive solutions, but it can also be a major cost saver for your organization. Plus, with customized solutions and the perfect blend of managed IT services, a quality MSP is there to enhance the overall success of your organization.

Start protecting your business with personalized IT solutions from Metis Technology today