Protecting Your Data from Everyday Calamities

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Data Protection

Take the Journey to managed backup with our fictional protagonists, Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl.

Considering the risks of data loss

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl are business owners and competitors in Anywhere, USA. They’re attending an online meeting with Tim, a managed services provider (MSP). He shares how managed backup can protect their businesses from everyday calamities.

The calamities include:

  • IT failures and outages
  • IT device threat or loss
  • Extreme weather and other events
  • Data corruption issues
  • Ransomware attacks

Visionary Veronica immediately signs up for managed backup and starts that same day. Complacent Carl declines the offer since he already backs up files to the cloud.

Everyday calamities: IT equipment failures

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl are each hard at work on proposals to win the business of Melvin Millions. A win would transform the future of one of their companies. But suddenly, IT issues ensue for both of them.

Tim restores Visionary Veronica’s proposal in minutes to a backup laptop. The rest of her data is restored quickly as she continues to work on the 50-page document.

Complacent Carl opens his cloud backup account and begins to restore the data to his desktop. The hours tick by. He decides to go home and start again the next day.

Everyday calamities: Data corruption

The next morning, it’s back to work. When Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl arrive at the office, there’s another issue to address: data corruption. Visionary Veronica can’t access her proposal. The file that finally finished downloading on Carl’s computer is also corrupted.

Visionary Veronica knows exactly what to do. She calls Tim, the MSP owner, and has him restore the date to a pre-corruption state. She’s lost a little data, but not much.

Complacent Carl is in quite a predicament. Since the cloud backup was his only copy and it was corrupted, he doesn’t have the time to start again.


The day of the presentation arrived. Complacent Carl dropped out of the running, so Visionary Veronica won the new account. She hires more staff to support Melvin Millions and is excited about the growth in her business.

Complacent Carl finally reaches out to Tim for managed backup services. He’ll be protected moving forward. However, he lost the chance to win a great new account that would have doubled his business.

Why take chances with your data? Get managed backup today.