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Should Your Company Outsource IT?

Your small or medium-sized business is a crucial part of our global economy. In fact, small and medium-sized firms account for 90% of the world’s business and 50% of its jobs.

However, it’s more difficult than ever to run and grow your business. From digital transformation to remote work and cyber threats, you’re constantly anticipating and responding to trends that impact your business.

As you consider your technology needs for the future, you may encounter the following:

  • Technology isn’t your day job
  • You need help maximizing the value of your technology
  • You need customized services and support

Fortunately, there are a variety of benefits that come with using a managed services provider (MSP). Utilizing an MSP grants you access to the full depth of available expertise, which opens up a wide variety of opportunities to advance your business.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons why organizations like yours are outsourcing IT solutions.

  1. Critical to business needs and growth
    Effective, efficient technology allows employees to be productive and customers to be served well. And with those two pillars in place, your organization can continuously expand Strategic technology guidance is difficult to maintain in-house when your staff is constantly dealing with reactive end-user issues and one or two additional projects that consume their time. An MSP offers dedicated and strategic technical guidance to your organization. In fact, their primary focuses are to review your technology stack, understand your business goals, and align the technology you have and propose improved technologies to best support your business.
  2. Enable focus on core business
    When it comes to technology, many executives express one common challenge: There is too much to manage — from day-to-day operations to long-term technological planning, it can sometimes feel like you’re running a tech company rather than your own business. A managed services provider takes on the burden of technology management, so you can focus on what’s important: Running your business.
  3. Enhances service quality
    In addition to more complicated problems and maintenance, day-to-day technological issues, like forgotten passwords and printer issues, tend to arise. When you’re relying on a small internal IT team, those tasks can become a lot to juggle. And with an overwhelmed IT department comes an entire backlog of end-user issues to resolve, as well as larger problems that need attention. With a managed IT service provider, you’ll have access to a large help desk for those pesky, end-user issues. You’ll also be in contact with dedicated engineers for those bigger issues, like server maintenance, security, and more. Ultimately, this will prevent unnecessary events, like extended downtime or lower productivity — all without overwhelming your IT staff.
  4. Access to intellectual capital
    Hiring and employing the amount of necessary tech engineers is not feasible for a small to medium-sized business. Not to mention the costs associated with maintaining a large number of certifications. Because an MSP is a separate entity entirely dedicated to technology, it can maintain this level of expertise and provide all the benefits to your organization, without the astronomical costs.

Wrap up

A proactive IT solution is both cost-effective and imperative to the health of your organization. Frequent health checks and monitoring will keep your systems up and running so you can focus your efforts on the growth of your organization.

A managed services team will take care of issues before they can become emergencies, protecting your systems, data, and employees in the process.

Start protecting your business with personalized IT solutions from Metis Technology today.

IT Health care

Healthcare is Changing: Is Your Technology Keeping Pace?

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is undergoing dramatic change. Healthcare reform — and more specifically, the Affordable Care Act — continues to reshape the industry, impacting everything from reimbursement models to patient access.

Whether your organization is small or large, IT systems must be fast, scalable, reliable, and secure.

In other words, efficiently managed IT is a must.

How does your organization benefit from an IT services provider?

In the complex digital age, healthcare providers should consider options that maximize their IT operations while simultaneously enhancing patient care quality. A managed IT services provider is also essential in reducing overall costs for your organization — a trend that benefits both small and large companies.

To dive deeper, let’s look at the top 5 reasons healthcare providers are engaging a managed IT services provider.

  1. The perfect blend of services
    A top-quality MSP will offer the perfect blend of security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. With this approach, your selected MSP can maintain IT services and operations, regardless of the scale of budget available.
  1. Cost efficiencies and reduced TCO
    In the past, your organization may have relied on a fully in-house IT operations team. However, the cost savings associated with using an outsourced MSP can be substantial. Contracting a fully virtual information security office (VISO) can cost much less than the prices associated with an in-house team (i.e., full-time employee salaries, benefits, cybersecurity-specific training, and additional technology and software costs).
  1. Proactive security & compliance
    As someone in the healthcare industry, you understand the importance of proactivity. Staying ahead of your physical health can make a significant difference in the quality of your life. In the IT industry, we like to follow a similar model. Proactive solutions for your IT security are what keep systems stable and running smoothly. With proactive monitoring, Metis Technology can ensure the success of your systems and prevent any issues before they become emergencies. A proactive IT solution is both cost-effective and imperative to the health of your organization. Frequent health checks and monitoring will keep your systems up and running so you can focus your efforts on the growth of your organization.
  1. A tailor-fit IT team
    Increased adoption of managed IT services is the direct result of a shortage of healthcare IT professionals with relevant experience. An effective MSP should act as an extension of your IT team, with the expertise to keep systems running at peak performance. Managed IT services allow organizations to offload routine IT tasks and ensure they get the maximum value from their investment in their own IT team. With an MSP, IT resources can stay focused on next-generation solutions and automation to enhance the quality of patient care.
  1. New technologies & cloud migration
    Knowing they are moving to a more secure solution, migrating to the cloud and/or managed IT services gives peace of mind to an organization. More and more, hospital leaders recognize they can’t keep up with the costs to maintain their own IT and Information Security departments. This motivation to move to managed IT operations often opens the door to new innovations. And MSPs provide cloud transformation and migration services to determine a strategic, cost-effective, and secure roadmap to cloud migration.

Wrap up

Migrating to an MSP can be the turning point for your organization — especially considering the dramatic changes the healthcare industry is experiencing.

A managed IT service provider not only offers peace of mind with more advanced security and proactive solutions, but it can also be a major cost saver for your organization. Plus, with customized solutions and the perfect blend of managed IT services, a quality MSP is there to enhance the overall success of your organization.

Start protecting your business with personalized IT solutions from Metis Technology today

IT planning

How to Keep Your Business Thriving in a World of Risks

Managed Security Can Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

In the early 2000s, Cyber Security Risks began to increase their effectiveness, but antivirus (AV) solutions kept small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) safe. With AV updates, employee training, and software patching, most SMBs were able to avoid the worst of cyber attacks — until now.

Incidents, like the Wanna Cry ransomware attack, which affected organizations across the globe, served as wake-up calls for many that cyber threats are changing, and many companies still aren’t prepared. Many SMB owners know someone who’s been forced to pay a ransom to retrieve data or even had to shut down because data and systems were too costly to restore or weren’t restored as promised. Still, others have experienced cleanup costs from other malware attacks.

Many SMB owners think they won’t be targeted due to their size or small attack surface. Yet, as the chart below shows, that simply isn’t the case. Cyber criminals increasingly target SMBs because it is much easier to circumnavigate their defenses than those of enterprise companies.

The Truth About SMB Security

You are a target: 43% of all cyber attacks targeted small to medium-sized business (SMB) operations in 2018. Shadow IT is a real problem: Your employees are likely using more cloud services than you know about, creating a blind spot for your IT team and your organization’s security.
Passwords are a weak link: Employees often reuse passwords across accounts and use easy-to-guess passwords. Human error is hard to prevent: Your employees may use public Wifi to do their work, accidentally click on phishing emails, or share sensitive data on cloud services or flash drives.
The latest threats elude AV: Weaponized documents, fileless threats, zero-day threats, and ransomware lack signature and can slip through scheduled AV scans. You may have compliance risks: If your SMB works in a heavily regulated business, you could face regulator fines in addition to cleanup costs.
Data sharing: Your partners may not have air-tight security, exposing your data to unauthorized access.

What Can you do About Cyber Security Risks?

It pays to get serious about Cyber Security. Enhancing your security posture can proactively help you harden your defenses and protect yourself from threats before they hit your company networks and disable your business, systems, and data.

When you invest in managed security, you get:

  • A comprehensive solution for all your security needs
  • Cloud-based solutions that are updated automatically with the latest threat data
  • The ability to “rollback” any systems hit with ransomware to a pre-infection state
  • Complete security coverage and simplified cost structures
  • And end to security management headaches and worries

Password Managment System

Password Management and Why It’s Important

Statistically speaking, 78% of attackers use stolen passwords to gain access to business applications. Additionally, 65% of end-users use identical passwords for multiple accounts, and 45% of cyberattacks target small businesses.

What is happening in cybersecurity?

Your passwords are the keys to your entire organization, workflow, and confidential client data.

They have to be protected.

However, 89% of employees admit to retaining access to at least one application from a former employer and 49% admit to logging into and using an account from their former employer.

When thinking about cybersecurity and how it affects your organization, there are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. How confident are you that your employees are not using the same password for different accounts?
  2. Do you monitor who is using sensitive data and when they are using it?
  3. What is the risk for former employees retaining passwords?

Install a culture of security.

When it comes to cultivating a theme of security in your organization and prevent cyber criminal access to your network, there are some best practices you can follow:

  1. Create complex passwords: Eliminate weak passwords or password reuse.
  2. Design strong access policies: Assign role-based access and lockout former employees.
  3. Protect business applications: Adjust permissions as employees advance or leave.
  4. Anytime, anywhere access: Sync credentials across devices and platforms — on-site, mobile, and cloud.
  5. Reporting for compliance: Meet data privacy and financial regulations.
  6. Run audits and reports: Monitor and audit who is accessing sensitive data and when.

What’s wrong with “free” or consumer-grade password management tools?

With your business at stake, it’s important not to trust anything but enterprise password management with military-grade encryption. Most free and consumer-grade solutions will not guarantee the following:

  • Offer one controllable password service shared across your organization.
  • Mitigate passwords walking out the door with former employees.
  • Give you a centralized way to limit or revoke access.
  • Enable comprehensive usage tracking, auditing, and reporting.
  • Use an encrypted password zero-trust protocol for sharing passwords with us to expedite support tasks.

Wrap up

When it comes to password management, there are a lot of risks involved, especially without professional protection to back up your organization.

With a managed IT provider, you’ll have guaranteed security and feel confident that your passwords are secure and protected. Additionally, managed IT services providers will assist in managing employee system access and lockout former employees.

Lastly, with frequenting auditing and health checks, you’ll always be aware of any issues before they arise.

Data Protection

Protecting Your Data from Everyday Calamities

Take the Journey to managed backup with our fictional protagonists, Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl.

Considering the risks of data loss

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl are business owners and competitors in Anywhere, USA. They’re attending an online meeting with Tim, a managed services provider (MSP). He shares how managed backup can protect their businesses from everyday calamities.

The calamities include:

  • IT failures and outages
  • IT device threat or loss
  • Extreme weather and other events
  • Data corruption issues
  • Ransomware attacks

Visionary Veronica immediately signs up for managed backup and starts that same day. Complacent Carl declines the offer since he already backs up files to the cloud.

Everyday calamities: IT equipment failures

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl are each hard at work on proposals to win the business of Melvin Millions. A win would transform the future of one of their companies. But suddenly, IT issues ensue for both of them.

Tim restores Visionary Veronica’s proposal in minutes to a backup laptop. The rest of her data is restored quickly as she continues to work on the 50-page document.

Complacent Carl opens his cloud backup account and begins to restore the data to his desktop. The hours tick by. He decides to go home and start again the next day.

Everyday calamities: Data corruption

The next morning, it’s back to work. When Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl arrive at the office, there’s another issue to address: data corruption. Visionary Veronica can’t access her proposal. The file that finally finished downloading on Carl’s computer is also corrupted.

Visionary Veronica knows exactly what to do. She calls Tim, the MSP owner, and has him restore the date to a pre-corruption state. She’s lost a little data, but not much.

Complacent Carl is in quite a predicament. Since the cloud backup was his only copy and it was corrupted, he doesn’t have the time to start again.


The day of the presentation arrived. Complacent Carl dropped out of the running, so Visionary Veronica won the new account. She hires more staff to support Melvin Millions and is excited about the growth in her business.

Complacent Carl finally reaches out to Tim for managed backup services. He’ll be protected moving forward. However, he lost the chance to win a great new account that would have doubled his business.

Why take chances with your data? Get managed backup today.

Managed IT Services Nashville

Co-Managed IT Services: How Can They Benefit Your Organization?

Your in-house IT team is made up of high-quality technology professionals who support and facilitate the pursuit of your organizational objectives. We applaud them, their efforts, and their commitment to excellence.

We work alongside your IT department to enable your IT specialists to focus on pro-growth and big-picture IT department goals. Enterprise tools that might have been out of your budget’s reach are now available to you through your partnership.

IT Director/CIO

Leading the internal IT department of a growing business is a monumental undertaking. Everything from end-user requests to horizon-level cyber threats drain your team of resources. You want to leverage your expertise to drive digital transformation in the organization, but time, financial, and manpower constraints are holding you back. Metis Technology is here to support you.


Your company is highly dependent upon your IT assets, and your internal IT department keeps those assets running flawlessly. But they’ve let you know that your next big growth steps are going to take a toll on their limited resources.

Give your IT department access to a full complement of IT specialists and tools, freeing up its time and expertise to tackle the high-impact technology challenges you face.

How does our co-managed IT service work?

We’re here to do as little or as much for you as needed, but we’re not here to take over or displace your team. We love to work with like-minded IT professionals.

Our supplemental IT services can be used to help alleviate the burden of daily tasks to free up your resources to tackle the larger projects. Additionally, our Co-Managed IT services can be leveraged to assists in completing the larger projects that are piling up and slowing your forward momentum.

  • Infrastructure management
  • Antivirus management
  • Patch management
  • System updates
  • Backup verification and monitoring
  • IT procurement and vendor management
  • Backup management
  • Firewall management

Keep your IT staff — Let us fill in the gaps

A co-managed agreement gives you access to a full team of professionals to support your internal IT resources. Our clients lean on the niche specializations of our team for everything from daily IT tasks to helping with project rollouts.

Co-managed agreements (and associated pricing) are tailored to each engagement.

The benefits of co-managed services

  • Leverage economy of scale with advanced IT management technologies
    • Tools that may have been out of reach or out of your budget now become available to you. Roll out our tools on day one—no need to wait for training. We can immediately begin to monitor and manage on your behalf, increasing efficiency across your IT department. Access to solutions out of your stack enables you to drive higher efficiency while saving your investment in those tools.
  • Retain institutional expertise and knowledge
    • What your internal IT organization brings to the table is irreplaceable. Keep your current team happy, and in place while giving them the support and tools, they need to get more done.
  • Keep IT department budgets in check
    • If the wages, benefits, and tax obligations associated with hiring additional in-house IT professionals are not in the budget, that’s OK! We’ll fill in the gap. We offer customized pricing geared specifically to your requirements of our team.
  • Network Consulting – Project Management – vCIO
    • We are a dedicated technology liaison for your company. We help define IT objectives and plan out the technology roadmap.
  • Access IT specialties
    • Your internal IT specialists have a wealth of knowledge and skill, but no one can know it all. Our co-management specialists are happy to add their expertise in niche areas to your already robust knowledge base.
  • Obtain after-hours and vacation coverage
    • Your IT team members deserve their time off. Our co-managed services ensure they can get the rest and relaxation that they need to be at the top of their game.
  • Gain some breathing room and space to grow
    • Your internal IT organization must have the capacity to grow with the company. If your in-house IT team is bogged down and overworked, they can’t help you achieve your objectives.

Best Managed IT Security Service Provider

Maximizing the Value of Your Existing Technology

Your small or medium-sized business is a crucial part of our global economy. In fact, small and medium-sized firms like yours account for 90% of the world’s businesses and 50% of its jobs.

Interestingly, it’s now more difficult than ever to run and grow your business. From digital transformation to remote work and cyber threats, you constantly must anticipate and respond to trends that impact your enterprise. Consequently, as you consider your strategic technology priorities for the future, it is important to consider the following challenges:

1.  Technology isn’t your day job

You manage an ever-growing technology footprint, including mobile phones and tablets, laptops and desktops, networking systems, servers, storage resources, peripherals, and printers.

All these devices and systems need to be managed, monitored, upgraded and secured. Unfortunately, your job description does not include any of these responsibilities.

2.  How to maximize the value of your technology is a mystery to you

Your current IT systems probably work well but need extra care and support, given their age. Additionally, securing your systems is critical since digital risks and threats are on the rise.

3.  Implementing your own customized services and support is really a task beyond your expertise

The limitations on your staff and time present barriers to being able to assume these responsibilities in-house.

You need one solution to all these challenges – Metis Technology Managed Services.

When you team up with Metis Technology, you’ll have access to the right staff, skills, modern tooling, services, and ongoing support to accomplish your strategic technology priorities.

Our expert, experienced team will provide:

  • IT services – We will take time to understand your company’s technology priorities and evaluate your current systems for effectively meeting them. Customized services will be created and designed to better meet your needs. This will include support from skilled staff utilizing modern tooling.
  • Managed security –Our proven technology will help protect your security structure from the latest threats, including ransomware.
  • Managed backup – With our technology, we will help ensure you always have access to your data, even if IT challenges.
  • Remote IT support – Our skilled staff will ensure top-of-the-class maintenance of your services, including upgrading your system and troubleshooting. Through remote connections we will provide expert analysis of your systems to diagnose and fix any issue you may face to ensure the undisrupted productivity of staff and business.

Metis Technology is the managed service provider that will help you manage your ever-growing technology footprint, maximize the value of your current technology, and provide top-rated customized services and support for your business.

Our services are affordable for your business because we deliver services on a per-seat basis. That means you only pay for what you use – while also gaining the ability to add new services or scale usage as you grow.